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This signature is intended for individuals, representing themselves.

  • Online banking
  • NRA tax declarations
  • Documents submission in all state and municipal structures
  • E-mail and files signing
Validity Price without smart card and USB reader, VAT included
Price with smart card and USB reader, VAT included
1 year 6.00 BGN 27.00 BGN
3 years 15.00 BGN 36.00 BGN



The personal electronic signature certificate should be issued to the Holder or their authorized representative in a Registration Authority’s office in person.

Documents required for issuance:

  • ID card of the Holder or their representative, if another person is authorized to receive the signature.
  • Notarized Power of attorney of the representative by BORICA's template. A power of attorney template can be found in the “Documents” section.
  • Contract for certification services. The contract will be provided for signature upon receipt of the electronic signature at BORICA’s office. You can read the contract in advance in the "Documents" section.
  • Filled online request for electronic signature.

In order to install the electronic signature on your computer, download the required components from the Installation section and follow the instructions.

If necessary, you can call the BORICA’s Contact Center - at 0700 199 10.

BORICA AD offers installation services for the electronic signature at the client’s computer – in an office of the company, or at the client’s premises after an appointment.


The electronic signature is equivalent to a handwritten signature by which you sign documents and identify yourself online.

By the use of Qualified Electronic Signature you sign and submit electronic documents over the Internet to administrative offices and organizations: NRA, NSSI, National Customs Agency, Registry Agency, online banking in most of the commercial banks’ online systems in Bulgaria.


Save time and costs. You don’t have to physically visit administrative offices; work with institutions and banks completely over the Internet at a convenient time, from a convenient place.

Guarantee your security. Using an electronic signature is one of the safest ways for online banking that ensures the authenticity of the document’s content.

Ensure privacy of your electronic communication.


Contact us


41 Tsar Boris III Blvd.
1612 Sofia
e-mail: office

Lost or stolen signature

In case of lost or stolen signature – for temporarily suspension of 48 hours, call

0700 199 10 or *9910

In order to terminate your electronic signature, visit one of our offices.


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