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Documents for issuance, re-issuance and extension of the term of validity of an electronic signature

Issuance of Personal Electronic Signature:


  • ID card of the Author or his/her representative, if another person is authorized to receive the signature.
  • Notarized power of attorney of the representative by BORICA's template.
  • Contract for certification services. The contract will be provided for signature upon receipt of the electronic signature at BORICA’s office. You can read the contract in advance below on this page.
  • Filled online request for electronic signature.

Renewal of Qualified Electronic Signature:

Renewal of the validity of B-Trust certificate requires no change in the information contained therein. The renewal may be executed in two ways:

  • Submitting online request for renewal of the term of validity of the certificate, signed by the valid electronic signature; in this way the applicant declares that there is no change in the personal information contained therein. 
  • Submitting a request in the Provider’s office by the Author of the certificate or his/her authorized representative.

Issuance of Professional Electronic Signature:

For the company (the Titular):
  • Certificate of registration in the Commercial Register or other document certifying the legal status of the company/organization.
  • ID card of the authorized representatives of the Titular (or of the person authorized to represent him/her) – an original and a copy of both sides – manually signed.
  • Notarized power of attorney by BORICA's template. It is required only in cases when the Titular authorizes a representative to represent him/her before a Certification Services Provider for issuance and receipt of electronic signatures.
  • Contract for certification services. It is signed by the Titular or the authorized by him/her representative when they visit BORICA’s office. You can read the contract below on this page.
For each entity (Author) to whom electronic signature will be issued:

Documents according to the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act

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