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B-Token is a means of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), using a non-qualified electronic signature. It uses the same structure as a CQES. B-Token is based on PKI technologies and meets all the security requirements of the qualified service. It is used in the same application with the cloud QES, which allows customers the possibility to operate a user interface known to them. However, B-Token differs from the CQES in that the identification in this service is done in line with the policy of the institution using the token, contains data submitted by the relevant institution and is limited within the said institution, and provides simplified registration as a means of SCA. The main applications of B-Token include its use as a means of SCA, similarly to ОQES, as well as for additional services according to the requirements of the relevant institution.

It is targeted at institutions providing to their customers services based on reliable and secure personal identification.

  • It is used via the mobile application B-Trust Mobile
  • meets all security requirements to the qualified service
  • can include additional services for different organizations

Download B-Trust Mobile from: