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Smart cards and card readers

Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of Europe requires Qualified Certificate for Qualified Electronic Signature (QCQES) to be stored on high-security devices. Such a device is the smart card on which the electronic signature certificate is stored together with the public and private keys. The information stored on the card can be accessed via a secret PIN code.

More than one electronic signature may be stored on a smart card, as long as the Holder is one and the same person. The smart card connects to the computer via a card reader.

The client can choose between two types of smart cards and card readers - SIM and standard size.

Standard size

Cardreader image

SIM size

Cards image

The card and the reader are in one device. Convenient for people who are constantly in motion, use a laptop or use their electronic signature on multiple computers.

The images above are illustrative. BORICA reserves the right to change the models of the offered cards and card readers without prior notice.

B-Trust smart cards and card readers

The table below provides information about the smart cards and card readers, offered by B-trust.

Smart cards
Smart card Functionality
Gemalto IDPrime MD 940B (SIM/standard size) Issuance, reissuance and renewal of QCQES
Card readers
Card reader Manufacturer
Gemalto IDBridge K30 (SIM size) Gemalto
Comitex CCR7115B-01 (SIM size) Comitex
Omnikey 1021 (standard size) HID Global
ACR 38 USB (standard size) Advanced card Systems

Compatible smart cards and card readers

Your electronic signature can operate with the following smart cards or card readers, in case you possess any of them.

For these smart cards and card readers, only an electronic signature certificate (without software and drivers) is available and supported. It is the client who generates the key pairs, as well as stores the electronic signature certificate on the smart card.

Smart cards
Smart card Functionality
Gemalto IDPrime MD 940 (SIM/standard size) Issuance, reissuance and renewal.
Gemalto IDPrime MD 840B (SIM/standard size) Renewal.
Gemalto IDPrime MD 840 (SIM/standard size) Renewal.
JCOP v2.4.1 (SIM/standard size) Renewal.
Siemens CardOS v4.3B Not maintained.
Datakey 330U/ Model 330U Not maintained.
iKey 2032 Token Not maintained.
ActivCard Gold Not maintained.
ActivCard USB Token Not maintained.
ActivCard Java64K ActivClient Profile Not maintained.
ActivCard USB Key Java64K Not maintained.
GemSAFE Xpresso Not maintained.
Card readers
Card reader Manufacturer
ACR 38T USB (SIM size) Advanced card Systems
CardMan Omnikey 6121 USB (SIM size) Omnikey
PinPad Omnikey 3621 USB (standard size) Omnikey
CardMan Omnikey 3121 USB Omnikey
CardMan Omnikey 3021 USB Omnikey
SCR 335 USB SCM Microsystems
Argos Mini II USB Todos
ActivCard USB Reader ActivIdentity
GemPC USB, GemPC Serial, GemPC Twin GemPlus
CardMan Omnikey 1010 Serial Omnikey

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