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BORICA AD, in its capacity as a Provider of qualified certified services, issues qualified certificates for Payment Service Providers (PSP) according to Regulation (EU) 2018/389 (PSD2). These certificates include additional information sections that are specific and applicable to qualified PSD2 certificates, according to ETSI TS 119 495 V1.1.2.

  • Qualified Electronic Seal Certificate (QSealC PSD2) – issued to a payment service provider (PSP) according to PSD2 and used to prove the integrity and origin of the data (Article 35, Paragraph 2 of the Regulation).
  • Qualified Website Authentication (QWebC PSD2) - is issued for the purpose of authenticating a website and proving the authenticity of a domain (Article 45 and Annex IV, of the Regulation), to establish a secure communication channel (TLS) between the parties.

Certificates under PSD2 are issued depending on the role in which the payment service provider appears:

  • Account information service provider/ Account information (PSP_AI);
  • Service provider issuing payment instruments / Issuing of card-based payment instrument (PSP_IC);
  • Payment initiation service provider/ Payment initiation (PSP_PI);
  • Payment service provider, servicing accounts / Account servicing (PSP_AS).

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