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Qualified Signature Validation Service

The qualified electronic signature/seal validation service (B-Trust Qualified Signature Validation Service) enables Relying Parties to receive a report of the signature/seal validation process in an automated and reliable manner. The report is signed with a qualified electronic seal of the Supplier. The service ensures that signatures and seals are created and verified in accordance with European legislation (Regulation (EU) 910/2014 and related standards ETSI EN 319 102-1, ETSI TS 119 101, ETSI TS 119 441 and ETSI TS 119 442).

The service can be integrated into your environment to automate the process of validating electronically signed documents.
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As a non-profit, you can check the validity of electronically signed documents using the form below. The form is limited by the number of requests completed in a certain time. If you don't get a response, wait, and try again.

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It is possible that if there are multiple signatures on the document or signatures from different providers, the validation will take longer.
* By default, the document is validated at the highest acceptable level. If you need lower level validation, please select from the drop-down menu.