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Electronic signature management – Temporary suspension, resumption and termination

If you lose your electronic signature or if it is stolen, you should immediately ask for its suspension!
Contact BORICA AD for temporary suspension, termination or resumption after temporary suspension at  0700 199 10 or *9910; you can also fill a request for changing your status in one of our offices. The request template is availbale in the Documents section

All valid B-Trust certificates of qualified electronic signature are subject to management. Revoked certificates or certificates with expired validity period are not subjected to management. Management is required in case of:

  • Lost or stolen electronic signature;
  • Deleted private key;
  • Left employee;
  • Change of certified data of the Titular or Author or other certificate data;
  • Compromised electronic signature or doubts about it;
  • Unavailable electronic signature.

A signal for management could be given by the Author, the Titular of the certificate or their authorized representative.

Temporary suspension (HOLD) – for a period of 48 h.

Temporary suspension of the electronic signature is performed when a signal for specific B-Trust certificate subjected to management has been given. The signal could be – a phone call, fax, e-mail, filled and signed paper application for certificate management.

If within 48 hours the Author, the Titular or the authorized person do not file a request for termination, the temporary suspension shall be revoked and the signature becomes active again.

Resumption after temporary suspension (RESTORE)

Reactivation of electronic signature is executed automatically 48 hours after giving the signal for temporary suspension, unless an application for termination is filed. Reactivation can be done in advance, if the signature has become available for use – for example, if the lost smart card has been found. Reactivation may be requested by a phone call, fax, e-mail, filled and signed paper application for certificate management.

Termination (REVOKE)

Termination is irreversible action by which the electronic signature is invalidated. Termination occurs after verification of the signal by B-Trust. The signal can be only and solely filled and manually signed request for certificate management filed by the Author, the Titular or their authorized representative. Termination is preceded by temporary suspension of the electronic signature for 48 hours.

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Lost or stolen signature

In case of lost or stolen signature – for temporarily suspension of 48 hours, call

0700 199 10 or *9910

In order to terminate your electronic signature, visit one of our offices.


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