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General applications
Applications of QES
Applications of Cloud QES

For individuals and legal entities

Document exchange with the administration

You can use the electronic services of the public and municipal administration – e.g. to submit tax returns, applications, appeals and all other documents that you exchange with the state structures.

Secure online banking

Using electronic signature guarantees the highest level of security, which is of great importance when it comes to your money. Banks recommend the usage of an electronic signature, as it eliminates the possibility of abuse and manipulation to the greatest extent. Moreover – having electronic signature is one of the mandatory requirements in case you want to use active operations, including ordering payments online.

Along with the high level of security, the electronic signature is quite convenient when using online banking – you can use several different systems with one electronic signature, which simplifies your work, saves time and gives you access to your money wherever you are.

List of banks supporting electronic signature for access to their systems and signing bank documents could be found in the "Electronic Banking" section.

Secure exchange of information

You can sign your correspondence in order to be sure that it remains unchanged in the Internet while reaching the right recipient. Electronic signatures offer a mechanism to encrypt the information, so that it remains completely confidential.

For companies

  • Submitting tax, insurance and employment documents: VAT returns and VAT registers, Intrastat, etc.; registration of labor and civil contracts;
  • Issuing electronic invoices, which are recognized electronic documents and thus save time and costs, improve the relationships with your partners and clients;
  • Switching to paperless document flow and storage. Thus you reduce costs and accelerate the business processes. Use our specialized software for electronic signing of documents and maintaining e-records;
  • Introducing policy of signing the internal document flow. Thus you enhance the transparency and ensure credibility and irrevocability of the business processes.

Special usage

Specialized signatures are used for different purposes such as:

  • authentication of server data;
  • protection of e-mails;
  • encryption/decryption of data;
  • authentication of the identity in virtual private networks (VPN).

State administrative services

The ELECTRONIC PORTAL OF THE BULGARIAN GOVERNMENT maintains a current list of all services available electronically.


Electronic Banking

You need a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) to perform active operations in most of the banks that offer banking via the Internet.


Other services

You can use your electronic signature for access and use of various services on the Internet.


a system for electronic invoices


electronic payment of utility bills and taxes

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Lost or stolen signature

In case of lost or stolen signature – for temporarily suspension of 48 hours, call

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In order to terminate your electronic signature, visit one of our offices.


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