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The qualified certificate for QESeal of a legal entity is used for creating QESeal by the Creator specified in the certificate, to electronic documents and electronic transactions/applications, which require a significant level of information security.

According to Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 qualified certificate for QESeal should not be used and applied as an electronic signature of a legal entity. The qualified certificate for QESeal serves only to authenticate the source and integrity of sealed electronic documents/statements.

In addition to the authentication of documents issued by a legal entity, electronic seals may be used to authenticate the digital assets of a legal entity such as software code or servers.

Validity Price without smart card and USB reader, VAT included Price with smart card and USB reader, VAT included
1 year 50.40 BGN 71.40 BGN
3 years 132.30 BGN 153.30 BGN


Documents required

Documents required for issuance:

  • Certificate of registration in the Commercial Register or other document certifying the legal status of the company/organization.
  • ID card of the authorized representatives of the legal entity (or of the person authorized to represent them).
  • Notarized power of attorney. It is required only in cases when the legal entity authorizes a representative to represent them before a Qualified Certification Services Provider for issuance and receipt of electronic seals.  Template of the attorney is available at the "Documents" section. 


For issuing this certificate, the personal presence of the person authorized by the Creator is required at the RA/LRA for verifying the identity of the legal entity and of the authorized representative by the Provider.  

Authentication and verification of legal entity or sole proprietor identity is performed by the RA/LRA of the Provider under the respective Policy for issuing the certificate and other internal documents of the Provider.

Authentication and verification of legal entity or sole proprietor identity whose data is entered in the QC, requires that an authorized representative of the person appear at the RA/LRA and present the required documents proving their legal status.   

The identity of a Bulgarian legal entity shall be established by the RA/LRA of the Provider by verification in the relevant registers with the UIC provided, respectively BULSTAT under the procedure of the Electronic Government Act (EGA).

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